When rehoming is the only option, we are ready to help! Beyond Rescue is the first Bay Area dog rescue focused primarily on accepting family pets from owners so the dog never has to set foot in the local overcrowded shelter system where their life has limits. Our expert volunteers have over 40 years of rescue experience and matchmaking expertise, and we rehome dogs carefully using a thorough screening and adoption process.  We want their homes to be forever!


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No judgement zone

We know there are many life changes and circumstances that can lead to someone needing to find their dog a new home. It can be incredibly emotional and scary, and we’re here for you. Our primary goal is to provide all possible support and service to enable owners to keep their pets. But if rehoming is the only option, Beyond Rescue will work to find your dog a loving, happy, forever home. In addition, we promise any dog that comes into our care will never end up homeless during their lifetime. Your dog is safe with us.

Surrender prevention

To us, rescue means looking out for the dog through all stages of its life.  We'll be there beyond the adoption day to provide education, training, and a support system.  When dogs get assistance being the best version of themselves and owners have the help they need, dogs will STAY IN HOMES. 

We ask the question "What would it take for you to be able to keep your dog?" and we do our best to connect owners with the resources they need.


Rehoming Process

We begin by having the owner complete a detailed rehoming form so we can determine how we can best assist. We’ll need all past medical records, and we’ll meet the dog, assess its temperament, and determine if we are able to accept them into our program.

Once approved, we ask for a rehoming donation of $100 to help support dogs in our care. Depending on the evaluation, the dog either stays with the current owner or goes to a secure foster home in our program.

We then start looking for the perfect match for the dog. As seasoned matchmakers, we compare the information we have gathered about the dog to applications from potential adopters to find the ideal fit.


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Rehoming guidelines & criteria

Here are some of the factors we consider when accepting a dog into our rehoming program and finding a match:

  • The dog’s behavior and overall temperament. We give priority to dogs that are social with people and other animals. Exceptions will be considered if space and resources are available for rehabilitation.

  • The dog’s health. We ask for the dog's medical history so we have a full background on the dog. Even if the dog is and has always been healthy, any potential new owner will need to see that the dog is up-to-date on vaccines. If the dog has any minor health issues, we will try to determine if the condition is treatable or manageable. We may ask owners to seek treatment for any of the dog’s health issues before surrendering.

  • Whether the dog has been altered. Every attempt should be made to get the dog spayed or neutered before surrendering. We can provide information about the many animal organizations in the Bay Area that offer low-cost options. If you are facing financial hardship, we may be able to assist you.

  • Available space. Sometimes we simply do not have enough foster homes open to accept more dogs. Offering to foster your dog or finding a friend or family member who can foster, even temporarily, will greatly increase the likelihood that we can accept your dog into the rehoming program.