At Beyond Rescue, we’re committed to ensuring that you and your dog are family forever so we're here for you through the entire process.  From adoption, to socialization and training, to providing the education and support, we want your household to be comfortable and happy. And if you find yourself facing challenges that might lead to having to give up your dog, we offer solutions that hopefully help you keep them. We promise any dog that comes into our care will never end up homeless during their lifetime.

Beyond Rescue understands that adopting a dog is where the relationship starts, not where it ends.  Our community of dog-loving people goes beyond rescuing dogs—we work to provide a safety net that helps to ensure that adoptive families have the ongoing support, education, and services they need to keep their dog happy and healthy and home.  Forever.


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
— Roger Caras

We Go Beyond Rescue

Beyond Rescue primarily serves San Francisco Bay Area dogs that have been affected by the local housing crisis. Our mission is to support families in crisis to find alternatives to surrendering their beloved pet. Through our network of amazing dog-loving friends, we have cultivated much needed information and resources, spay/neuter funding, training support, and a dedicated team ready to assess dogs in need.

If surrender is the only option, we have a foster and adopt program to assist families in crisis rehome their pets. It's a heartbreaking conversation many dog owners can't imagine having. That's why at Beyond Rescue, we have a No Judgement policy, and we bring our collective expertise to help problem solve creatively, honestly, and without prejudice.  We believe that every dog deserves to be healthy, happy and home, forever!

Programs & Services

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1- Rehoming & Adoption

Surrender Prevention: Connecting owners with the resources they need to keep their dog.

Rehoming:  Providing services for owners who can no longer care for their dogs.

Adoption:  Skillfully matchmaking dogs with their new people.

2- Spay & Neuter

Spay and neuter clinics: Prevent overpopulation and unwanted litters to help reduce the homeless pet population.

3- Community Education & Outreach

Education: Increase awareness, dispel common misconceptions, and build a dog-savvy community. 

Training: Support for owners so they know how to keep their dogs well-adjusted and happy in their homes. 

Community: Connect and find common ground with each other through our compassion for dogs.