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What is the adoption process?

How much is the adoption fee?

  • $350

Why do you charge a fee? How do you determine the price?

  • Our adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccinations and potential medical costs. It also enables us to continue our mission of helping more dogs.

Is it possible to do a trial period?

  • Our goal is to find forever homes for our dogs so we will work hard to pair you with a dog that is a good fit. However, If at the end of one week you feel it’s not right we will happily take the dog back.

Can I return a dog if it doesn’t work out?

  • Once a dog comes into our rescue they are part of our community and we will always support them. If it is determined that the dog is not a good fit we will do our best to assist with the dog’s next placement. No refunds of adoption fees will be issued after one week of having the dog.

Fostering FAQ

What is fostering?

  • Providing a safe and loving temporary home for a dog that is waiting to be adopted.

How long do I need to foster?

  • It depends. Ideally we’d love the dog to stay in one home until it is adopted. The time it takes to get adopted can range from a few weeks to months depending on the dog. Please let us know if you have time constraints or would like to be a short term foster.

How much time does it take to care for a foster dog?

  • Dogs need regular exercise, interaction, and care. This can all depend on the age, size, energy level, and training of the dog. We’re interested in matching you with a dog that’s right for your home.

What if I already have animals at home?

  • Many foster dogs benefit from having animal friends. Part of the placement of a foster dog will include a meet-and-greet to make sure the foster dog and resident pets are compatible.

What if I’m going out of town?

  • Please let us know at least 30 days in advance so we can help make a plan for your foster dog. Beyond Rescue tries not to board any of its dogs to save on costs and keep dogs in a home environment.

What supplies am I responsible for?

  • We will provide as many dog supplies as our organization can afford. We also appreciate any donations of food, toys, treats, and other doggie accessories you'd like to give your foster.

What if I have to go to the vet? Who pays for medical costs?

  • We cover all medical bills that are pre-approved and arranged by a Beyond Rescue liaison. Fosters are provided with emergency vet protocol as part of their training so you are prepared to keep your foster dog healthy.

Rehoming FAQ

What is “rehoming?”

  • Sometimes dogs are no longer able to stay with their family. We can provide expert matchmaking services to find them a new home.

What is the rehoming process?

My dog needs to be out now! How quickly can you help me?

  • We need enough time to review your application, evaluate your case, meet your dog and if possible, secure housing for the dog. It may take a minimum of two weeks.

Is there a fee to rehome?

  • Yes. Our $100 rehoming fee helps us provide for your dog and continue our mission of helping other dogs. Remember, once your dog is part of the Beyond Rescue family we promise they will never be homeless for life!

How do you decide which dogs you are able to take?

  • We evaluate dogs on their social ability with people and dogs and give priority to dogs who are more adoptable. We take all breeds and all ages.

Can you temporarily house my dog?

  • Our foster network is explicitly used for dogs who need a place to stay before they find their new home. We are unable to provide temporary boarding services. Please check out our resources for boarding options.

Where will my dog live if it comes to your rescue?

  • If possible we’d love for the dog to stay with you for as long as possible so it is in a familiar place. All our dogs stay in a home environment until they find their new family.

Volunteering FAQ


How do I sign up to volunteer?

Do I need to sign up for a minimum amount of hours?

  • We don't have a minimum number of hours. We’re happy to have you for however long you are available, but it is very helpful to have you sign up for a specific volunteer shift.

What kind of activities can I help with?

  • Glad you asked. As a start-up organization we need all kinds of support! Click here.

How old do volunteers need to be?

  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult for the duration of the time they are volunteering. For safety reasons, we do not allow volunteers under the age of 10.

Can I get community service hours for volunteering?

  • Absolutely. Please bring any corresponding paperwork and we’ll happily sign off on your volunteer hours.