SF Bay Area 

Pets and the Housing Crisis


The problem

According to San Francisco animal welfare nonprofit SF SPCA, there's been a surge in owners abandoning their pets due to an inability to find pet-friendly housing.  San Francisco is becoming one of the most expensive places to live in the US, and finding affordable pet-friendly housing is an increasingly difficult task.


Pet friendly housing options

Housing costs have skyrocketed.  The average purchase price of a single family home in San Francisco in 2005 was _______.  In 2017 is rose to __________.  That can be around $_____ a month in monthly mortgage costs.

Rental prices in the Bay Area are now the most expensive in the country as well.  

Pet friendly rentals are often 10-20% more expensive, and, even then, they fill up fast.  


Surrender Prevention

We ask the question "What would it take for you to be able to keep your dog?" and we do our best to connect owners with the resources they need.

To us, rescue means looking out for the dog through all stages of its life.  We'll be there beyond the adoption day to provide education, training, and a support system.  When dogs get assistance being the best version of themselves and owners have the help they need, dogs will STAY IN HOMES. 


When rehoming is the only option

We are the first Bay Area dog rescue focused on accepting dogs straight from owners so the dog never has to set foot in our overcrowded shelter system.  Our expert volunteers have years of rescue experience and rehome dogs appropriately using a careful screening process.  We want their homes to be forever.