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Saving dogs

Changing lives

Building community




Quality experiences

We want everyone involved with Beyond Rescue to feel good about the role they play in helping dogs. When you become part of our community we will help you at all points along the journey. It’s all about the dogs, and saving dogs feels good.

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Matchmaking expertise

Matchmaking is our passion! We bring over 40 years of collective dog rescue experience, and our goal is to create a forever match with each adoption we make. We know our dogs, and we will equally take the time to get to know you and your adoption goals for a sucessful forever match!

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No judgement

Every situation is different, and we approach saving dogs with an open mind and heart. Whether you're facing the grueling choice of rehoming your beloved dog, or you’re just feeling outmatched by your dogs’ challenges Beyond Rescue is not here to judge.  We’re here to help.


Honest adoptions

Adoptions are exciting, but they can also be stressful. That's why we will be honest from the moment of intake till the day a dog goes home... and beyond.  Transparency is our top priority because that's what helps new forever homes to be forever!



At Beyond Rescue, we’re committed to ensuring that you and your dog are family forever. We understand that adopting a dog is where the relationship starts, not where it ends.  Our community of dog-loving people goes beyond rescuing dogs. We work to ensure that adoptive families have the support and services they need to keep their dog happy and healthy and home. Forever.

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Beyond Rescue started with a small group of people who met inside the dog rescue community.  We all bring different experiences, passions, and expertise.  We believe our diversity is our strength and allows us to be an open-minded and accepting organization.