Miguelito - ADOPTED!

Miguelito - ADOPTED!



7 years

Rat Terrier

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Meet Miguelito

Miguelito lived his whole life in a home with an older couple who loved him very much. Unfortunately one of his devoted owners died suddenly and the other was moved to a convalescent home after a fall that broke his hip.

Lucky for Miguelito the couple’s caregiver and friend was able to get Miguelito to us before animal control got there to pick him up.

Miguelito is 7 years old, about 15-20 pounds and looks like a Rat Terrier mix.

We are still getting to know him but what we know so far we really like! He loves other dogs, big and little, he is friendly and loves to sit on the back of the couch above his person. Although he is still a bit confused about what happened and we are sure his misses his people, he doing really well in his foster home. He loves playing with his foster brothers and sisters.