Lilly - ADOPTED!

Lilly - ADOPTED!




9 weeks (DOB 3/31/19)

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Lily is a spunky, funny little puppy. She is confident and loves to play with other dogs. She is curious and cuddly. Lily has white and liver colored scruffy coat, she is sturdy and stout with the cutest little bow legs in the back. Lily was the largest puppy in the litter.

Lily came to us with her very sick mother and two siblings (one pup sadly didn’t survive). Lily and her brother Yum Yum had to be bottle fed while mama was recovering.

All that is past them now and both Yum Yum and Lily are healthy and ready for their lives to begin.

Both Lily and Yum Yum are going to be around 7-10 pounds when grown. These happy little monkeys are ready for training classes and adventure.