German Shepherd - Golden Retriever mix

40 lbs

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(We know you're not going to believe the breeds on this guy, but he is 100% DNA tested!)

Leo is a super-smart bundle of curiosity and love. Favorite activities include catch, playing tug, rolling in the grass, learning new tricks, and playing with his dog buddies. All food is amazing, and this treat-oriented pup already knows tons of commands and hand signals, including shake, go to bed, watch me, roll over, and high five. This guy needs plenty of exercise, after which he will happily relax under the table while you work - or anywhere else! He likes hiking, and the beach is his happiest place of all. Car trips make him nervous, though the destination often seems worth it. He loves to check in with you on adventures - he's great off leash (and away from cars). Most of all, this low-rider loves to learn, play, and eat. He loves people once he knows them; he's not one to fall in love with strangers. Older kids are best for him, and he enjoys the company of older, confident dogs (not puppies) who are properly introduced. Leo loves his people, loves to give kisses, and loves to play.

Leo is a courtesy post which means Beyond Rescue will be helping guide his current owner in selecting a good match for him. The final decision and adoption fee will be decided by them.

Follow Leo: @leo_b_messy