Pit Bull Terrier mix

5 years old

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Beyond Rescue is dedicated to helping owners in crisis like George’s owners avoid the turmoil of surrendering their dog to our overcrowded shelters.

From George’s person :

George is a special kind of dog. He might look tough on the outside, but he’s all heart and quickly wins the affection of anyone he meets. My husband and I adopted George in 2015 after only a few months of being married. He had been through some trauma, but it was clear he just needed love, attention, and people who would put in the time & effort to care for him. He’s an extremely loyal dog and respects his owners and trainers very well. He plays very well with certain dogs and has a deep love for the outdoors. My husband is a SF police officer and in late 2017 was involved in a hit and run while on duty and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury...all while I was 3 months pregnant. It’s with a heavy heart that we’re choosing to find George a new family, but my husband is relearning how to do everything from eating, talking, walking etc, and between caring for him and our one year old, we simply can’t give George the attention he needs. We want nothing more than to find him the best situation with people who will love him as much as we have.