Siberian Husky

1 year

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One year old Dash is a beautiful and sensitive husky pup that is looking for his forever home. At a petite 35 pounds he falls on the small side of the Siberian Husky breed standard and probably won't get much bigger. Sadly, Dash found himself without his family due to housing challenges, and he is still adjusting to all the changes in his life.

Dash loves toys and will carry them around in his mouth like a prize. His previous people reported that he plays well with dogs, but he's still getting over the stress of being in a kennel situation. Thankfully he currently LOVES to play with his canine foster sister. It just took a few days and a slow introduction for him to build trust. He can still get uncomfortable around new dogs, but we are seeing improvement every day. He loves his people, especially women and kids, and he gives very sweet snuggles and kisses. Dash is great on leash and a star student with his house-training.

SF Bay Area only