Maltese - Poodle

3 years


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Snowy was surrendered by his owner to our friends at Oakland Animal Services for unknown reasons. He is 3 years old, and our best guess is that he is a Maltese Poodle mix. Snowy is the cutest little bundle of energy that will smile and spin in circles every time you come home. He is highly intelligent - knows sit, walks well on a leash, and is crate trained and house-trained.

In the first 24 hours with Snowy he was a perfect angel, but after getting comfortable he showed that he can be high-strung and uncomfortable in new situations. Sometimes he growls or shows teeth when he’s not ready to meet someone new or doesn’t like what’s happening. He’s currently living with other dogs, but they’re not very interesting to him. He’d rather play with toys or hang out with his people. We’re not sure about cats, but it’s possible he could live with a respectful one.

Snowy is going through training right now to help him have more social ways to get through uncomfortable moments. His ideal home would be a person with experience with his type of behavior that is committed to continue his training.

If you think we could be a match please fill out an adoption application and the humans at Beyond Rescue and they will arrange a meeting.